Information about NoCO Math Circles

The Northern Colorado Math Circles (NoCOMC) provide Math Circle sessions for both middle school Math teachers and middle school students (4th-8th graders).

The mission of NoCO Math Teachers Circle is to create an opportunity for middle school teachers in Northern Colorado to work on interesting mathematics problems in a setting that enriches middle school teachers’ mathematics content knowledge. By working on rich mathematical problems together, we expect that our participants will enhance their understanding of mathematics and approach mathematical problems more confidently. In addition, we expect that by modeling student-centered and inquiry-based ways of teaching mathematics, our teacher participants will become more comfortable using these teaching strategies in their own classrooms. Finally, we hope to get teachers excited about mathematics, a subject they chose to teach, through fun explorative approaches and to forge new professional relationships among middle school teachers and university mathematics professors.

The mission of NoCO Student Math Circle is to provide opportunity for local students in grades 4th through 8th to work on challenging mathematics problems in a setting that contributes to their mathematics knowledge. This newly established component of our program has been widely successful in its first pilot year with 6 evening monthly evening sessions with increased number of participants in each session from 12 students in the first session to 22 students in the last session. In addition, we hosted a three-day summer workshop with 52 local students at our first summer camp at UNC.

Upcoming Events

We completed all of our evening sessions for Teachers and Students this semester. Check back in Fall 2018 for dates!

  • 2018 SUMMER Workshop of Math Teachers Circle at YMCA, Winter Park:
  • 2018 Summer Math Camp of Student Math Circle-UNC:

Sponsors of Our Circles:

In addition to support from the University of Northern Colorado School of Mathematical Sciences and the College of Natural Health and Sciences, our Circles received funding from

We are grateful for their contributions!

Want to Make Donation to Northern Colorado Math Circles?

We appreciate any donation you can make to the Northern Colorado Math Circles (Teachers & Students). Donate online to our Circles (Fund # 9434).

Donations made to our program-the Northern Colorado Math Circles, are administered by the UNC Foundation office. The UNC Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. You should consult with your tax attorney/advisor concerning the deductibility of your gift.